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Nissan GT-R (R35)

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Looks very nice, not happy that they changed from a straight six to a V-6 though, but thats a minor disapointment in the grand scheme of things.

Issac Hunt

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Sub Zero! If only fuel in this country was cheaper then I might be able to afford to run one!


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Completely ruined by Nissans attempts to kill any modifications for it. A staple part of what has kept the profile of the GT-R Skylines in the marketplace for so long.


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Funnily enough i just posted in the Bugatti Veyron thread about this car. I just read that it is lapping Hockenheim 2 seconds faster than the Veyron which in my book is incredible.
I think Nissan don't want people modding it up because it's already tuned on a knife edge and unless you know what you're doing you will ruin the car. To be honest by all accounts the car is so perfect there's not a lot you could do to improve it anyway.
Even Nissan technicians/mechanics won't be allowed anywhere near it. Specialist service stations with trained mechanics are going to be set up especially for the car.

Anyway it's sounding like this could be one of the best cars ever made if you are to believe the hype and at just under £60K (i believe) i don't think it's overpriced, japanese or not.


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Sub Zero.

Want one.


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this picture really does it for me, even though its a photoshop.



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Its the new Honda NSX but better....and cheaper....which you cant complain at.

Very cool.


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Cracking car!! Nissan have done good job!


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Cool car. But I'd not say Sub Zero. Don't think a big shouty Nissan would pass the Kristen Scott-Thomas test....


The Time round the Ring speaks for itself i think.

i sat in one at goodwood and it actually feels quite big.

i personally liked it!