Nissan 370z Race


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Not sure its motorsport when it gets this physical but what the hey, its great action all the same! I guess it's used to demonstrate that the cars are not the unreliable s**tboxes that used to come out of Japan!
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I assume your talking late 1970's when you say Japanese cars are unreliable shitboxes?!

Whats this programme anyway, looks English and interesting......probably on some random tv channel!


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did they take the shocks out the cars or something?
Why are they bouncing so much. Surface looks ok...


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Under the hood power comes from a 3.7 Liter six speed manual engine with 276 lb-ft. of torque that pumps out 350 horsepower at 7400 rpm. This finely tuned engine features Nissan's new SynchroRev Match function, which is the worlds first harmonized downshift rev matching manual transmission system that automatically controls and adjusts engine speed when shifting to the speed of the next gear position.