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Nikkinokkinoo's iTrack S3

NikkiNokkiNoo Jun 22, 2015

  1. NikkiNokkiNoo

    NikkiNokkiNoo iTrack S3

    Hello Good people of audi-sport.net. I brought my S3 from Jardo on here in Dec last year and have run it on a few track days (Snet, Brands, Rockingham) and entered the Javelin Sprint Series for this year. Missed the first round but have since done one at Blyton Park and Woodbridge yesterday.

    The S3 is good little track car, but a little on the mischievous side for niggles. Had the DMF replaced for Woodbridge as I had clutch slip off line and when running hot. Road use it was fine, track days not fine. Having got it back from the garage I now have a power steering leak. Managed to get through the day with it and will be back off to the garage this week to hopefully fix it.

    Here she is:


    Best run of the day @ Woodbridge - 4th in Class. Not to shabby.

    18th overall even though I missed first round and round 2 was done with a slipping clutch:


    More to come.......
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  3. Prawn

    Prawn My other car is a MINI!!!!

    Nice to see LOLs being used still Nick!

    I've been looking at entering the Javelin Sprint days, but they're all so ****** far away!
  4. NikkiNokkiNoo

    NikkiNokkiNoo iTrack S3

    They are a bit remote, it's only 6 x per year and they do typically on a Sunday which works for me and work. Format is good and well run. Seem like a good bunch of competitors. Next up is Croft which is about 1 light year away so I have brought a 2.8 V6 VW SharaCarvan and a Brian James so I can kip in the back overnight and be on circuit first thing in the morning with a bit of the old egg and bacon and a coffee in hand ready to race. Thats my plan - whether the reality matches that we will see. Still has to be better than Woodbridge where a) I was still using traction control for first few runs (error) b) power steering leak c) grounded the trailer d) left the keys to the SharaCaravan in the engine bay of the S3 while attending to the power steering and did a hot lap with. Fortunatly they stayed put. It's a learning process.
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  5. scotty_24

    scotty_24 Registered User

    Boys, track days, traction off yes? Doing my 1st august the second

    Car looks awesome on track seems to handle well
  6. Prawn

    Prawn My other car is a MINI!!!!

    Depends on how comfortable you are driving, but generally yes, traction control off.

    Lols used to handle very nicely indeed. it's one of my favourite S3s. many decent owners, who all upped it in spec each time, to end up with something very capable indeed.
  7. Gary_808

    Gary_808 Registered User

    Pretty sure I followed/you followed me a few weeks ago through peterborough then up the a1 abit. I was in go slow granny mode picking the mrs up from work!
  8. Clart

    Clart Audi S3 Section Mod

    That looks like a load of fun... :)
  9. NikkiNokkiNoo

    NikkiNokkiNoo iTrack S3

    Yes mate, would have been me, I was doing the first round at Blyton Park in the Javelin Sprint series - Still managed to come 6th with a spinning clutch.

    Really is - nothing like an Airfield with a few cones for company.
  10. badger5

    badger5 www.badger5.co.uk Site Sponsor

    that looked fun :)

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