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Nightmare with Brand New TT

Confusedofbristol Feb 26, 2015

  1. Confusedofbristol

    Confusedofbristol Registered User


    I had my new TT delivered last week, it went back after 4 days. The MMI entertainment system has gone wrong - badly. The doors don't close, the start stop refuses to start up again, stranding me! The spoiler comes up by itself and the car has rattles and squeaks!

    Here is the link to a long thread showing the problems, below that are a number of YouTube clips showing the issues. The dealer (Bristol Audi) is denying these are problems and says I'm not driving the car properly. I'm so very angry right now!

    Please don't buy or order these cars, they aren't working properly, I'm one of 6 owners with these issues that I'm aware if


    Where the car is sat apparently doing nothing, this is where I'm waiting for the car to wake up and do something. I can provide annotation and details for anyone who feels they can help. In case anyone is wondering, the car misbehaves with multiple phones and a reset of the MMI does not fix it. I also have many, many photographs of odd messages on screen and connections not being made to devices.

    Worrying, the dealer can't replicate any of this, and says there is no error log showing anything wrong. Rather patronisingly they have suggested I need "coaching" on the basic functions of the car. They have disputed my videos as being genuine and have told me I have caused the issues by pressing too many buttons. I daren't ask why the seats creak, I'm sure they will then tell me I am too fat.

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  3. Lock & Load

    Lock & Load Registered User

    The Euro buyers are the test pilots for all these cars by the time we get them in Australia they usually have all the glitches sorted out but off course we do pay a hefty premium for these cars here aTTS will be around $ 105,000 + on roads
  4. Vertigo1

    Vertigo1 Registered User

    Audi do seem to be rushing their tech to market far too quickly lately. My early model A3 8V had lots of little glitchy issues with the MMI (obviously nothing as serious as the mountain of problems listed here) which were patently down to buggy software. They eventually released an update which solved them all but it was well after a year of ownership.
  5. woollyjoe

    woollyjoe Registered User

    You can reject your car within first 6 months as long as you have tried to resolve with the dealer first. Maybe mention that next time you speak to them "if it can't be fixed, I'll have no choice but to reject the car". Then watch them take situation seriously. Works for used cars too.
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  6. jamieswales

    jamieswales Registered User

    Contact audi uk customer service to reject it.
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  7. Staz

    Staz is a retronaut Moderator VCDS Map User

    I'm in the software industry, my best advice is to never buy new products and never update to major software releases straight away.
  8. audiopip

    audiopip Registered User

    Are the battery connections secure? This might explain some of the funnies. Had this before where the dealer pulled out the battery to replace or charge and then just pushed the connections back on. The creaking seat problem is of course another matter and completely unacceptable at this price point IMO.

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