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Nice to see audi have got there styling sorted out now....

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As a A4 B7 owner I've not been overly impressed by many of audi's other model to date, current RS3 is nice but that was about it until I saw this, now I like it a lot.
After a lot of there previous boring and somewhat angular looking models etc its nice to see they have actually got some decent styling now, looks very nice with just enough curves in the right places etc..colour is superb, now where is that cheque book...



Not too dissimilar to a BMW 4 series coupe in profile and I like the 4 series coupe a lot. :)


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DAMNNNNNN!!! That is a NICE car. I want. Lots. :hubbahubba:
But......... I think there's a hint of Jaguar in the design?
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That's sassy looking. Absolutely gorgeous.

Think a lot of car companies plagiarize newer designs. Personally, if it looks the part I don't have an issue with that.