Next Upgrade? DP or CAI?


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Looking to eek a little more from my S3 8V FL.

It's running really nicely but I'm rarely completely satisfied with anything.

Next on the list is a proper intake or a catted downpipe.

I'm really very interested in the Mountune X3 intake, here:

It looks like a slightly better version of the R600. It looks to have a better filter and slightly improved housing (it directs air flow all around the filter). I'm not a huge fan of foam filters (like the standard R600 one and their cotton one doesn't look as good as this).

Anyone have any experience with this?

Also I'm considering one of those (don't all shoot me at once) "cheap" catted downpipes from the bay of E . .

I'm hoping it won't throw a CL but I can get it mapped out if it does, eventually. Obviously I won't maximise the benefits until I get a proper stage 2 tune with a few other bits but I'm hoping it will help a bit.

I'm already at stage 1 so should see some benefits from the reduction in back pressure from the DP as well as improved flow from the air intake.

Any thoughts appreciated,