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Aug 13, 2009
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Ladies & Gents,

As of today we have decided to stop offering what we called a "Standard Coding Session" which was a package consisting of the following:
  1. Pre Works diagnostic scan.
  2. Scan of your vehicle in order to see which modifications, activations and tweaks are possible.
  3. The completion of as many modifications, activations and tweaks as you might like from those we list.
  4. Post Works diagnostic.
An example of "standard" possible tweaks on an Audi A3 8V would be:
  • Acoustic Alarm Beep on Lock
  • Acoustic Alarm Beep on Unlock
  • Acoustic Alarm Toggle Menu activated
  • Sunroof reconfigured to slide on remote open
  • Passenger Mirror Dip in Reverse Gear
  • Needle Sweep
  • Lap Timer
  • Oil temperature within all DIS Menus
  • Daytime Running Light Toggle Menu activated
  • Motorway soft touch turning signals configured from 3 to 5
  • Daytime Running Light Brightness 100% with Side Lights and Dipped Beams⠀
  • Rear Turn Signal Alternate Phase (Pace Car Lights)
  • Throttle Pedal control method changed from Over Time to Direct
  • Daytime Running Lights 100% Brightness with Turning Signals
  • Plus more!
Why have we decided to stop offering this?

Basically we are too busy to accommodate these types of sessions moving forward. It was a popular service but as a company we are now heading in another direction with exciting things to come, but all is not lost as we will now be publishing coding guides and videos here within our forum section :friendly wink:

Need someone to complete "standard" coding tweaks for you? I would suggest a visit to the the VCDS forum map and message a fellow forum member for assistance:

or alternatively a trip to your local professional who uses genuine tools, or grab your own genuine VCDS cable:

Thanks to all who have used the service over the years. Have met some great people from the forum and some, lets say "interesting" people from social media lol.

As mentioned some exciting things are in the works so please keep an eye on our little space in this forum!

VAG Car Coding™ Limited
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