SQ5 Newbie with SQ5 question


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Hi Guys,

On the verge of selling my current car and tempted by the SQ5....

I am sure the question has been asked before and not just of the SQ5, but when do people think we will see a new SQ5? Will I be better holding out for this, will it see the price drop in the current SQ5 model?

Just thinking if a new car is 3 months away it gets ever closer to an updated model......


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SQ5 is an excellent choice, we've had ours 22 months and got a great deal and PX on our previous Q5 so I would say it depends on the lead time for a car and the deal you can get.
If you can get a decent discount / deal and a 3 month lead time I would go for one. we don't like X3 or the X5 and the Macan is a 12 month wait and the RRS much more expensive