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Hi All
I would just like to say hi everyone, and i'm looking forward to asking a couple of questions in my search for a 2013 ish audi rs4
first can anyone tell me why i have seen some 2012 rs4's with what looks like the later centre console buttons


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Hi Colin. The later console was introduced with a very minor facelift known as B8.5 from the start of 2012. I think they also integrated Bluetooth music streaming on the music interface. You can recognise the facelift on an A4 from the rectangular front fog lights instead of the round ones. Rear light cluster was also changed.


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Hi Paul
Many thanks for that ,And i will look at the rear lights etc to see if they are different.
Well the car we was looking at is not a private sale so i won't be able to get it till june now
But on the other hand it gives me a chance to try and get a newer one even if this one has the things i want like
1. Carbon Front Brakes
2. Wing Back Super Sports Seats
3. Key-less Entry
4. Hill Hold
5. Electric Folding Mirrors
6. Heated Front And Rear Seats
7. Dynamic Packs Plus Top Speed Raised
8. Sports Exhaust
9. Mmi,Dab,Bluetooth
10 Bang And Olufsen etc etc etc
The only thing that puts me of is the fact its a 2012 and the company that is selling it has some bad customer service reviews
Even the millage is good at 52000 so maybe a good thing i suppose ,there's always another one lol


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Well we can’t drive anywhere now & I doubt much will be selling. Take your time and do your research as you are doing. The B8 RS4 didn’t have the low mounted front fogs, so you will have to check the headlights with the newer DRLs.
Panoramic sunroof is a nice option as well as privacy glass.
If you can stretch to a B9 it’s a different animal with lots of improvements apart from the V8 soundtrack!

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