newbie with a couple of questions


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I've decided to treat myself, I've traded the car in and got a A4 cab 2.0tdi s line. picked it up tuesday I'm really impressed, I've traded in a jaguar x-type sport premium, I loved the jag but it kept braking down so it had to go. I bought the car based on the fact i had a golf gt tdi 130 before the jag and it was a joy to drive and never broke.

Anyway a couple of questions as i didnt get an owners manual when i bought it(not to happy but they are sending me one apparently!)I have two buttons on the drivers door in the pocket, what do they do?

There seems to be some sort of cradle thingy in the arm rest? not sure what its for car has bluetooth I managed to fumble my way through pairing my phone without a manual, but can't get contacts to download for some reason?

And how hard is it to retrofit cruise control, is it a case of buying the stalk fitting and enabling in vagcom?

any help is greatly recieved


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as far as retro fitting cruise control its pretty easy aslong as you have some spare time and a VAGcom, there are alot of guides about this and what is required,

but basicly as long as you have the correct steering wheel harness its as simple as taking the airbag off , remove steering wheel, remove the harness and clip on the cruise control stalk.

replace all the bits back on and then code it up.

if you have a multifunction steering wheel you are more than likely got the correct harness.

i got my cruise contorl stalk direct from stoke audi for about £35, love the fact the dealership wanted 250 to code it the robbing ****, i also brought a cheap vagcom cable off ebay for £10 and did it myself. beware tho there are lots of differnet types of quality vagcom on ebay.


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also the harness is a phone cradle, audi supply the cradles for differnet types of phones and i belive its ment to charge and intergrate into the unit. however bluetooth and a cig charger works just as good.

unfortunatly mine is attached to the dash and i am unable to remove it without having 2 great holes showing so ive had leave mine in :-(

also the buttens are to do with the interior alrm and sensors, i belive one is a tilt sensor for if the car is being towed and the other turns the interior sesors off for when you leave the kids in!