Newbie who cant decide......


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Got a few quick question in hoping you can all help me out with?
Within the next few months i am lookin to a buy a a3 2.0tdi. However im not sure which spec to go for, just wondering if it worth the extra money for a s-line model, over a sport for instance?

Second question is what are the differences between the pre-facelift (04) and the facelift (06+ i think :S) models? apart the the actual front bumper and grill lol.

And finally, is the DSG gearbox worth the extra aswell? My mum has got it on her Golf GTI and it seems fine, just wondering if its worth the extra over a manual?

Thank you :)


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I would have s-line as you would feel left out in my opinion if you bought a sport

Mine is a sport but I have upgraded to beyond s-line spec but without leather or heated seats!

There is not much difference apart from what you have mentioned already - big grilled front bumper (different between sport and s-line though) and rear bumper for the s-line, maybe a dash change slightly with the cup holder going below the climate control

DSG - I drove my mates DSG GTi and didnt miss manual one bit and quite liked it- horses for courses and just depends what you want from the car. Manual I think sells quicker though than DSG

I would go for an 06 S-line DSG with RNSE, Bose and as maybe optional extra's if possible :)


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Cheers, thats it what i originally looked at, but i wasnt sure what the differences were. Whats the RNSE?


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My wife has a 55 2.0TDi Sport Sportback, a great car but i prefer the look of the S Line. We've had it three years and have two young kids. The interior is bombproof and it still looks nearly new. It makes me smile every time i get in and drive it. I have an new S Line on order due to be delivered on Wednesday and I cant wait!! I love the tweaked styling, the updated alloys and the leather seats. Good luck with your choice and spent a bit more on the S Line in my opinion.