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BD08 A4

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Firstly - apologies if my q's have been answered in other threads - i am very new to this forum malarch.

I have a B8 A4 2.0Tdi 143 (S Line); I love the car but it could with a little more oomph can you guys/gals help a confused but enthusiastic colleague on any recommended Tuning Products; I have been on ABT and QS but they are rather dear and I would require fitting also.

I have a very early B8 therefore for some reason the chrome exhaust is missing - is it as simple as clipping on the tailpipe? any recommendations?

Finally (promise) I have the Concert System with single CD - can I get a CD Changer fitted or IPOD connection? Are there any other mods that can be done to the sound system?

Apologies for the drawn out email but your advice would be greatly appreciated,

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1. Have a look at
Not a recommendation, do your own research but supposedly very good for ford and VAG, and you can update/remove yourself.

2. Pass

3. I know for a fact the Ipod can so no reason why a changer can't be. You could also retro fit SatNav if you so wish. I think the Ipod adapter is around £100, but i warn you, it's crap. Better look at a Dension adapter or similar.



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1.Agreed, bu Ive been recommended


3.yes but expensive.Best of with this:

@Matt, i doubt if retrofitting sat nav to a B8 is viable, bearing in mind its not a pull out push in job like the B7.Its tied up in the mmi screen, and the controls need replacing (around the gear lever.****** expensive, and its crap anyway.Cant update speed cameras, and to update the maps is £300.Best off with a tomtom:blackrs4:
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BD08 A4

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Guys thanks for your sound advice; John the Chrome Exhausts apparently do not fit S Line Models (mine being S Line) - I will speak to Audi to clarify.

I was going through the Audi Brochure and can Bang and Olufsen be retrofitted, if so is the price in the Brochure for retrofit or Optioned as would be on a new car?

John - your car looks gorgeous - i must plagiarise but cannot find the Black Grille on Audi's website via the Parts number you provided.

And finally - any idea where I can get he 19" 7 arm double spoke Alloys?

Thanks again to both


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John, I didn't realise the B8 was so very different (still awaiting mine), unfortunately SatNav is a must come resale IMO the fact it can't be retrofitted may also increase that sentiment.

BD08 A4 the obvious place is Audi, they are a £635 upgrade on the Sline.
They are around 570 each new but you can get cheaper reps (if you are happy with that, personally I'm not). I'm sure you can't spec 19" with sline suspension from the factory though.

Could be up for a deal with mine (I've specced them on my S4) as the RS6 alloys would look good on mine!!