Newbie, need help with a part


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Hi guys!

Newbie here, currently own my first Audi, an A4 B9 2.0 TDI Ultra Sport 190 and need a bit of help.

So, have a problem with, I believe it to be, the gearbox undertray. The front left section of the undertray is currently damaged, but is held together with the rest of the screw supports.

Tried my breakers around my area, with no luck. I'm currently looking at an undertray on eBay, but it is, originally, from an 'Audi A5 F5 2.0 TFSI convertible, model year 2016'. Would it fit the A4?

Is '8W0863822A', the correct part number?


Thanks in advance, guys!


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Hi - and welcome.

I had a look at this part number 8W0863822A

However there is a link, suggesting it has been replaced by 8W0863822B as no longer available

Why it has been replaced, I do not know - however suggests compatible with the B9 platform from 2017 - 2019.

I would be fairly confident to part is correct - however if it were me I would put in a quick call to an Audi dealer parts department and get them to cross check the part number against their database.


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Hi Nic,

Thanks for your reply. I took a punt with the 8W0863822A part anyway, had purchased it, the other day £43 all in, so here’s hoping.

I’ll contact Audi anyway, regarding that part and see what they say. I wouldn’t think it would make that much of difference, as they look identical, unless it’s to do with the quality?

Will report back when I get it. :icon thumright: