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Newbie moving from BMW 535d

markbebb Sep 11, 2018

  1. markbebb

    markbebb New Member

    Hi All

    I've had 5's for 20 years but need a change. I've settled on a diesel A7 black edition with tech pack around 2013 or 2014 but a but unsure of what's what, so got a few questions:

    BHP - seems to range from 201 - 315. Cant afford the biturbo 315 but see a few at 242 & 268. Is there a year when they upped from 242 268 or is it a different engine?

    Is the 2014 a facelift model as some people as saying facelift when advertised but I read it was 2015 facelift came in?

    With MMI what exactly is touch and is it part of the facelift?

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  3. GazWeavs

    GazWeavs New Member

    Hi Mark,

    My understanding to try and answer your questions are as follows:

    The facelift models were introduced starting in late 2014. My car is a 64 plate registered in Jan 15 and is a facelift model.
    At this time the engine range was also changed to offer different options.
    Pre facelift diesels were 204ps, 245ps and the 313ps bitdi.
    Facelift then changed to offer 190ps, 218ps, 272ps and the 320ps bitdi.
    There may well be a few other engine options available that other members may know of and I know that they changed again from 2017 onwards.
    MMI touch was only available if you went for the Navigation Plus option and basically added a touchpad option that can be written on much like BMW's system.
    I'm sure other more knowledgeable members can correct me if I'm wrong and add more information.
    If you can find and afford a 272ps Black Edition then I'd go for it. I tried both a 313ps pre facelift 2013 and 272ps facelift 2015 BE before settling on the 2015 car. Yes it was £2k more expensive but a whole lot more car than the earlier model in my opinion. Real life driving also doesn't show up much difference between the 2 engine power differences and the bitdi isn't as economical either.
    It's all about personal choice of course and you have to make yours based upon what you prefer. The specs regards options already fitted in the A7 used market is huge and you just have to try and find one with everything you want, or think you want lol.
    I've had a few 5 series over recent years and they are great cars but I decided to go back to Audi with the recent purchase of my A7. A different beast to the 5 it certainly is but I'm so glad I bought mine, I absolutely love it (and you're not one of the common 5 series drivers). Good luck with your search buddy and let me know how you get on.
  4. GazWeavs

    GazWeavs New Member

    IMG-20180909-WA0004.jpg Mark,

    Also forgot to mention that an easy way to spot a facelift model is look at the tail pipes. Facelift has trapezoidal tail pipes and pre has round (my trapz in pic).

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