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hey all, how do?

Names Ryan (or Rye) I Currently dont own an Audi BUT i am hoping to in the near future!
but mainly joining up first to get more info on which model i want as i cant decide from a
S3 (8P), A4/A4 Avant!

I Currently drive a Vauxhall Astra mk4 slightly modified but half heartedly as got fed up of owning it as it wasn't fulfilling my hopes, so deciding to turn to Audi to fill that void!

basically i am looking for a Quattro! if its a S3 i end up with then sorted, if its a A4 looking for diesel Quattro but not sure what im looking for there :S but i hope this lovely forum will have plenty of lovely people that will have the right answers :p


Rye :s3addict:


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Welcome to the forum!

Diseasel? pfft!

You want a 1.8T or 2.0 TFSI regardless of which model you choose!

Why would you be trying to choose between an S3 and a diesel A4? they seem worlds apart.


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Welcome mate
Welcome mate.

Strangely enough I have just come from an Astra Sport Hatch to an S3! I was also considering an A4 Diesel, the 3.0 in particular as I was looking at power and fuel consumption. In the end though the A4 worked out quite a lot more expensive to lease, although adding the fuel cost on it worked out similar but I thought sod it go for the S3. It is my first Audi as well and for me it is perfect. Filling up twice a week is a bit of an issue but that's my fault for doing too many miles!
I am sure whichever one you go for though you will love it because they are far better than vx.


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cheers for the welcome :) see i was thinking that i only need to drive 1 week in every 3 weeks for work as i car share with a mate and the miss's to work, so dont really need a diesel that much! and i do drive bout 200 miles for that one week alone for work...

so i might just go for the S3 and i see yours is the Ibis white! same colour im thinking of or Orange! but unsure...

ive had a look around the forum and there are alot of really nice A/S3's!

cheers for the welcome!

Thanks Rye,

Yes, I decided to go for White because thought it looked really nice in BE form and it was free! Other choice would have been Black but I have had a few dark coloured cars so fancied a change as well!

Doesn't seem like you really need a diesel then. Remember with the S3 it is smiles per mile not miles per gallon :eyebrows:


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Hiya Rye, welcome to the Forum. Which ever you choose i'm sure will fill the void! Well the S3 for sure. The 3.0s a brilliant diesel to go for if you do choose that route.


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lol "Smiles per gallon, not Miles per gallon!" ill need to remember that one :p

I think my hearts more set on a White S3 now! been on few other sites picking up "Euro Styling" as im into that sorta scene or at least want to be part of it :p

and checking a few S3's on here! lots of inspiration!!

cheers Sarah :) i think if i was doing more miles id go for the for the 3.0 Diesel so thank you for the input there :D helps me for the future :p