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Hello ladies and gents

Sun's out and making me want a new set if shoes for the audi.. found some nice 18×8.5 front and 18x9.5 rear or just 18x8.5 all round bola b1s with an offset of 30.

I have done some research and seems that if I run 225 40 18 I shouldn't get any scrubbing.. I do have coilovers so can adjust of needed. Don't really want the stretch look though so was thinking of getting 235 or 245 40 18s...

Does anyone have any of the above set ups and have you encountered any issues?

Ideally I would like the staggered set up with 235 front and 245 rear. But would settle for the 8.5s all round with 235 tires if it was more practical...


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Hi I do have a 8.5 front 9.5 rears but in 19'' and ET40 + 3mm spacers so that's ET37 in the end and about sitting flush with the arches.
running 235 35 19 tyres all around with just a very light stretch at the rears.
Haven't come across any issues with the fitment.
but since you have ET 30 be prepared for them wheels to poke out of the arches a bit - this will limit the drop u can put on it.
also.. if you're not keen any stretch I would suggest to go 8.5 all around with 235 width tyres , or if you go for staggered set then put 245 width tyres on the rear.
hope you find this any useful.


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Thanks mate. Very useful. Ahhh I want it sitting low and I have the stance pictured in my head. Don't want to spend 1k on wheels and tires and not be able to habe what I want. The wheels only come in et30.. rahhhhh.... decisions. Will probs look awesome... but....



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Ah, so if I get et 30 and have 9.5 wide, where will the extra inch of width be? Inside the wheel or on the outside of the arch? If you understand what I mean..?


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Have just done some quick sums...... using the specs you've listed, you'd have the following:

For an 8.5 inch wheel with ET30, your 8.5 inches would be made up as follows:
5.5' would be 'inside' the mounting face of the hub - i.e towards the suspension strut
3.0' would be 'outside' the mounting face of the hub - i.e towards the outside of the car

For an 9.5 inch wheel with ET30, your 9.5 inches would be made up as follows:
5.9' would be 'inside' the mounting face of the hub - i.e towards the suspension strut
3.6' would be 'outside' the mounting face of the hub - i.e towards the outside of the car

Offsets and widths are always quite a tricky thing to try and explain. Basically, if you were to look down on a wheel from the top and measure across the width of it, you first identify the middle point of the wheel - this is ET0. For a 8.5' wheel, ET0 will be at 4.25'.

From there, you take the offset of your wheel and move it from this centre line accordingly. So in your ET30 case, you would measure 30mm from your ET0 point in the middle of the wheel out towards the outside edge of the wheel - and thats where the mounting face would be for and 8.5 ET30 wheel.

If you were to have a negative offset wheel again, lets say ET-30 for arguments sake, that would involve taking the centreline (ET0) and measuring 30mm towards the INSIDE edge of the wheel. Negative offset wheels tend to be a lot rarer though as they tend to be pretty extreme fitment.

It gets even more complicating beyond that in terms of measurements and whatnot when you start to consider the fact that an 8.5' wheel isnt actually 8.5' wide and probably closer to 9.5' and your 9.5' wide wheel is more like 10.5' in 'real' terms.

Sorry - its not the easiest thing in the world to try and explain lol!!