New wheels...sweeet!


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Love them or hate them i've got my A3 1.8T Sport on Nouvolari 18's...really chuffed so wanted to share with you guys! (real sod to get the OEM's off...back ones felt like they'd been welded onto the hubs!)

remap next!

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p.s. does anyone know what colour 'blue' my car is? (there is no sticker in the spare wheel well)


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Looks good, demin blue maybe! What about lowering?


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i love them!

there somewhere between rs4's and the mtm wheels.....

its an OEM kinda style, but with a difference, they really suit it!

i THINK your car could be demin blue? but dont take my word for it....

what tyres did you get with the rims? and how much did the whole lot set you back?


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cheers for the opinions. i really like them and am considering lowering it, although really want revo remap next!

got the wheels and tyres from a very sound guy offf ebay. wheels and tyres have only done 50 ish miles so in mint condition, tyres are 'event' (i think, although never heard of them before) extra load tyres from this guy's TT. happy happy chappy!


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the sticker thats missing in your boot..... there will be the same one in the front of your service book

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Mate your car looks nice with then wheels on a love the polished effect:o.k: love a set of 19s on me tt. Also there 2 blues in the audi range am sure yours is the moro blue the other is mauritius blue which is a bit lighter! Just get your chariot dropped doggs bolloxs!


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Yesyes, lower it! you know you want to. :cool:


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lowering does look sweet...cheers james for photoshopping it!

please send donations via paypal for the lowering fund!


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looks good! i'm after those on my black A3, just bought a flat though so wont happen for a while :(

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I'll second everyone else's comments, looks lovely but get it lowered. I was looking at these wheels myself but decided against them but they look a lot better on the car than they do off it


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Looks like Denim Blue to me as I have the same colour car.. Drop into Audi and check their computer..


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Car looks exactly like mine (even down to the colour coded lowers)

not feeling those wheels at all though, ugly as hell :(


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All this talk of lowering!

exactly how easy is it to lower your car and can it be on a budget? I've seen sporting springs on GSF for £70ish...would these be any good or just cheap? where do coilovers come in?

a dumbass guide to lowering your A3 would be much appreciated!



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I believe there is no cheap way to lower your A3, or if there is I need to know this too! ;) To lower the car you need to new shorter springs and new shocks, I think just replacing the spring on standard shocks screws up the handling.

There was a thread a few days ago about a Koni setup, but then concern his ride height increased? :faint:


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you can buy lowering springs from many of the known brands. they will affect the handling only slightly, also the comfort will get a tiny bit worse. but nothing major. if you install springs that lower more than approx. 4 cm, sometime in the future your shocks will fail.

you cannot fit S3 springs as you car isn't a quattro. even if it was, i wouldn't recommend it as the axle weights might be different.