New wheels in the snow


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Hopefully one of those links works!
What do you guys think of the new RS4 wheels? I just put them on...S4 bumper next then nothing else.

...Also going down 30mm next weekend...


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looking good buddy!


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quote; S4 bumper next then nothing else.

tried that - does'nt work! got the s4 bumper, ended up having rear bumper lower section colour coded to match! now need s4 side skirts, the list goes on!!

nice wheels, love the colour of your car:sm4:


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I read your bumper fitting stuff yesterday and it did put me off. I thought the bumper did not come any lower so why do the sides and rear need to come lower to match it? (If that makes any sense:huh: )

Il give it a good clean tomorrow, the blue looks really nice when cleaned up..

Cheers for not giving me abuse on chaving my ride..


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nice looking wheels ,
didnt like them when i first see them and was looking for rs6 but seeing more of the new rs4s now and now i want some :thumbsup:


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rusty, on your a4 you have black sills and black lower sections on your front and rear bumpers. s4 front bumpers are painted car colour all the way down so your rear bumper looks better if you paint the lower black section car colour too. then you notice the sills are black so you end up
wanting those painted car colour as well!

fitting the s4 bumper is'nt too bad, its not knowing what you need that made it difficult. pm me if you get one and need any help! mckay has done one too so im sure he'l help out with advise.