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New wheel required

Fatbloke Sep 28, 2019

  1. Fatbloke

    Fatbloke Registered User

    Hi All

    I recently hit one of Glasgow City Council's finest potholes and have knackered one of my wheels.

    Prices so far from dealers for a new one is £560 and £606.

    I also need to get the rear wheel repaired (its scuffed so just needs a minor repair) and a new tyre for the front.

    Is there anywhere cheaper to get new genuine wheels or does it have to be a dealer?

    Picture attached is same but not my wheel.

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  3. CraigM

    CraigM Registered User

    I'd keep an eye out on eBay and see if anything suitable comes up, or try a wanted ad on the classified section on here. Not sure if this is the same as yours:


    There's also quite a few similar wheels with light scrapes on them - could get one of those and get it refurbed the same time you get the rear one done. Would still work out a lot less than buying a new one from Audi.

    Other option is to try and claim against the cost of the damage from the council........
  4. Fatbloke

    Fatbloke Registered User

    Cheers for that info.

    That looks like my wheels. I will check the part number.

    I am planning on putting a claim in to the council.

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