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Hi all

What a neat little forum, been using forums for years but always of the jap variety.

I am new here, trying out German cars as my mates have always had them whilst I have been a Honda man mainly. I have just bought an Audi A4 1.8T Quattro Sport MY2000 with 55K miles. A minter by the looks of things and it would also seem I was very lucky in finding this car and paying what I paid for it, I must say I am enjoying it, the four wheel drive is a new experiance for me, driven a scooby before but was a friends and was taking it easy. I am enjoying it anyway, especially compared to my last car, Nissan 200SX, that car was a nightmare and the handling was very poor. Before that I had 5 Civics in a row, kind of regret selling the last one but never mind, the kit level in the A4 makes up for it!

Anyway, maybe you guys could help me with a few things, bearing in mind I am a bit anal about cheap parts and never buy off ebay...

I would very much like an M3 style boot spoiler and a plain slatted front grill which still has the chrome but no rings just slats, any ideas?

Does anyone know where I might find pics of an A4 on Porsche wheels? You know the typical ones that most people put on VAG cars? Not well up on the Porsche front I am afraid.

I live in Stockport, my car is due a cambelt and other than Awesome does anyone know of a VAG specialist? I hear there is one in Stockport town centre but not sure where?

How much would I expect to pay for a cambelt service?

Lastly, my friend has a Carbonio on his Leon Cupra 20VT, sounds like Darth Vadar with a cold, I know they are pretty much all the same engine block but they are apparently different from there on in, would I expect the same noises? The Carbonio system looks different to my mates.

Any here had an APR stage 1 remap on the same car? Any issues?

Thanks guys

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try billybravo on here he's just opened a place near you..:icon_thumright:

big up yourself .. craig.....:arco:


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yeah im sure billyb will be the man for the job, and welcome to the forum!

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Ah yes I know where you are, been passed a few times. Ill pop in and get some prices if I have time if not ill give you a call.

Thanks for the welcome

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Can anyone help with the grill and spoiler please? I want to get the car into the body shop for a tidy up and wheel refurb



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Grill and spoilers on ebay mate, loads of em. Try and, german ebay. If you can't find any on either of those you never will!


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Fit an RS4 front grill, still has the four rings but is a nice subtle mod that changes the appearence of the front

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The RS4 is meshed though and I dont think it matches the bumper slats. Thanks though ill look into properly

I really cant stand ebay, was hoping for a proper supplier or retailer

thanks guys

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Ok mate will try and come on Saturday, will need a few prices on servicing etc thanks