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Alex Holmes

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As the title says, im new to the world of vag com. Im looking to code an rnse into my b7 a4 when it arrives.

Im wanting a little advice being new to this coding business, if possible.

I only have mfsw, no bluetooth, SDS, glovebox changer or tv tuner as yet.

Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Cheers Alex


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Once you set up your Vcd's cable do an Auto scan first and save it as the file will have all your codes in it before you change anything , and you can always refer back to your Auto scan if you change codes and they don't work correctly , so always mind to take Auto scan first before you change codes.
As to your Rnse, again once set up go to Module 37 and go to coding click on the coding and it should give you a box ( refer to pic ) you will see numbers and a description , from there all you need to do is work out what you have in the car and put the appropriate number in and once finished save , I find it easier working from bottom up . Hope that helps.
Your box should look like this .


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Alex Holmes

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Hi, thanks for you reply.

I tackled the job earlier in the week and got on rather well. The box popped up as you said and i coded appropriately. I found it easier than i expected. I also changed an adaption from 21 to 62 i think it was?

Although all works fine i do get fault codes relating to the cd changer and tv tuner, even though my coding didnt included these accessories as they aren't fitted, which is peculiar.

Another fault was relating to the front speakers so i tried changing the "front treble speaker diagnosis" coding from 031114 to 030114 but im yet to rescan to see if they've gone.

Cheers Alex