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New tyres over sensitive to road surfaces

Corb2000 Jun 6, 2018

  1. Corb2000

    Corb2000 Million miler

    I replaced my 2016 A7’s oem 20 inch Pirelli P zeros after 2 years / 31,000m with Vredestein Ultrac Vorti R - identical spec, load & speed rating - after reading positive reviews of the Vredesteins and previous good experiences with the brand.

    After doing 1,000m or so on the Vredesteins I’ve noticed a consistent over sensitivity to road surfaces, anything less than billiard table smooth tarmac causes a steady ‘buzz’ through the steering wheel.

    I had all 4 wheels rebalanced by the tyre fitter and that did reduce the vibration but there’s still the wheel ‘buzz’ and a harshness to the ride on rougher road surfaces that I never had with the Pirellis.

    My car has the optional air suspension and I’m really fussy about ride quality and road noise, so far both seem to have deteriorated since the tyre change - anyone have any experience of the Vredesteins or suggestions about any other potential causes of the problem?

    Thanks for any ideas folks.
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  3. RAF_S7

    RAF_S7 Well-Known Member Team V8 Gold Supporter Team Sepang Audi S7 A7 Owner Group Black Edition

    If the ride was good before, then it’s the Vredesteins.

    It may be same spec tire, but they will have different rubber compound, hardness and tread patterns, all of which contribute to road generated noise.

    I still have the original P-Zeros on my s7, and just clicked over 31k miles (in 3yrs). Not had any issues at all with them, others that an unrepairable puncture. Was there a specific reason you moved away from the Pirelli’s?
  4. Leebroath

    Leebroath Active Member

    Wow so in 3 years you have not had to change the Tyre apart from when one was punctured?

    How is your tread looking now?
  5. RAF_S7

    RAF_S7 Well-Known Member Team V8 Gold Supporter Team Sepang Audi S7 A7 Owner Group Black Edition

    Still very useable, no wear bars showing. Even wear pattern across the width of the tire.

    Puncture was a large bolt, penetrated sidewall and not repairable. The P-Zeros are definately not a budget tire :scared2:

    I do run winter tires November to March time frame. Current car mileage is 32k, and I’d estimate about 27k is on the P-Zeros. Car is 30 months old.

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