Q3 New Tyres and Pressures

Mark Allen

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Hi All,
Some advice needed please. I picked up a used Q3 2.0 quattro today and the dealer put 2 new tyres on the front a couple of days ago for the MOT.
I drove out of the car park and within a couple of miles the MMI tyre pressure warning came on. I went to the garage to check and found the pressures all over the place.
The tyres are 255 40 R19 Y and they had 39 and 35 in the fronts (new tyres) and 37 and 33 in the rears. I'll be letting the dealer know this too but my query is the door panel tyre guide only goes up to 18" wheels and when I google it i cannot find anywhere offering the pressures for this exact tyre.
I'm thinking 33 in front and same in rear (more if carrying a load? Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance - Mark


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You need to Store the tyre pressures in the MMI.