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Hi guys got a 2014 177 fwd black edition a4 and after just 8,500 the front tyres are down to 2mm, ive drove quite hard but i expected a little better than this. The rears are fine and still have around 5.5mm on them. The tyres are continental sport contact 3's, I had a pair on an old astra and if i remember correctly they didnt last long there either so i want to avoid continentals in the future.

I've spotted some michelin super sports which get excellent write ups and im very tempted.

My question is with the car only being fwd am I okay to stick a couple of michelins on the front and happy days? Or is it generally frowned upon to have different brands front and back? I understand this could be a problem on a quattro but iirc should be okay in my case.

Hope someone can clear this up for me and also if anyone has any other tyre recommendations let me know.


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Not really an issue running different makes of tyre front and rear on a FWD car, As long as they are comparable performance.
Try the Michelins and if they are good replace the continentals with Michelins when they are due.
Good prices for tyres at .
Delivered from Germany in around 3 days, I have used them several times.



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There's a fairly good case for having the better tyres on the back of a fwd car when you're mixing.

I was torn between the PSS and PS3's, went with the latter in the end because I do quite a lot of miles for work.
Love them, they're awesome in the wet, even better in the dry and they don't tram line like the CS5's.


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Goodyear F1's at £127 a tyre just now is a great deal on tyre leader


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I have just fitted conti 3's on the back as they were 3-4mm to match the new conti 3's that Audi fitted on the front as part of the approved used inspection.
I paid £131 each from Tyreleader.
Audi wanted nearly £300 each !!!