New TTRS driven today


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May 9, 2007
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Hi folks

So I did the RS experience at Silverstone today and got to drive the new TTRS. Have to say I am very impressed indeed. Car felt as quick as my remapped M4 and didn't seem much slower than the RS7 Performance we drove back to back. 0-100mph in around 8 seconds seems very plausible indeed.

The biggest difference for me was the lack of understeer vs that of the first generation I drove. The new engine firing order also makes for a lovely sound inside and outside the car; very much like the V10 in terms of tone.

Also drove the V10 Plus down the Hanger straight, through Stowe, Vale and Club and I have to say it's truly special. Under 6 to the ton and makes a very special noise indeed. You just can't beat a high revving NA engine.

Would thoroughly recommend the RS experience.