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I've got a 2007 Imola Yellow S3 and am looking for some advice on paint protection and the alloys please.

First the paint. I use a lambswool mitt and the two bucket method. I use Meguiars Ultimate Wash & Wax to clean. I then used Meguiars clay kit, followed by Autoglym super resin polish and topped off with Meguiars NXT 2.0 Liquid Wax. I'm pleased with the results, but was wondering if I could obtain a longer lasting and more durable finish if I used a sealant as well? I was looking at Car-Lack 68 long life sealant - is this any good? And at what stage in the above process would I use a sealant - after polish or after wax? Other recommendations welcome.

Now the alloys. I use Valet Pro Bilberry wheel cleaner (and last time I clayed and waxed them with Meguiars wax as well) but again was wondering if I could get a longer lasting and more durable finish with a sealant? I was looking at Poorboys Wheel Sealant? Is it any good? Any other recommendations?

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Head on over to one of the forum sponsors Juicy detailing. Jen is a mistress in the art and has the advice to match.


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if you wanted durability collinite 476 is a very good wax, placed on top of your AG SRP, I use it over winter and it is still beading

I use sealant instead of wax during the summer for a more wet look

I also use poorboys wheel sealant, it's very good, money no object it would be gtechniq stuff

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Best thing to do is email polishebliss they'll get back to you with the best answer!