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Hi all,

Im 19 and from North London and recently bought a audi a3 1.8T Quattro 3 door. 90,000 on the clock and full audi service history and its dark Blue

Unlucky fort me i had the car 3 days and someone T-Boned me on drivers side :(

Not very happy as you can imagine.

Anyways insurance are going to pay me out and write the car off, but im getting it repaired and still be in pocket about grand n half.

Loving the car, seems nothing can beat me off the lights with the quattro :)

Anyways some questions:

1: Is Green cotton panel filter sufficient compared to a CDA ( this is on my friends 1.8T golf )

2: If i drill holes into the airbox, will the performance reduce due to hot air being sucked in?

3: What you lot think of a Vortex exhaust as im thinking of getting it.

4: Seems im getting very poor mpg (driving very economically gets me 25 mpg) what could be the reason?

Full Vortex exhaust + Downpipe,
Lower 40mm
RS4 Alloys
Xenon S3 Lights
Forge full silicone pipes replace
Upgrade DV valve
Maybe a full respray in Candy white or Gun metal grey

Also anything else i missed?

Sorry for the long post


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Welcome to the site mate,

I would go green filter, I'm pretty sure holes in the air box will be fine, never heard or seen a vortex exhaust I got milltek and love it!

The rest of your mods sound spot on too!

Cheers Matt

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Hi mate,
Welcome and good luck with all the mods,
You might want to think about changing the Brakes


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Welcome dude. :sign_welcome:


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Vortex seem to have a pretty decent reputation. Drilling the airbox on the other hand doesn't so much...