New to the audi's world...please help :)


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Hi everyone,

Just bought an Audi A3 and i have already a silly question. It's used, and i have a message that says change of oil due, service due...which is ok because i will go next week and sort it out. But instead of saying, serve due in.... miles it says : service due FOR .... miles.
You will be probably be smiling reading this but why it's says for and not in?
I will be driving the car to go to work in the next few days...should I be worried

Thanks a lot to who ever will have the patience to answer!!



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Hi Sara... what year is your car?




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Just sounds like the service is over due or the service interval indicator hasn’t been reset. If you’re getting it serviced next week I wouldn’t be concerned, I’d get a full service so you know everything is nice and fresh and make sure the service Indicator is reset lol :).