New to me Audi S4 Avant B9


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So after a 9 month search looking for the right car, I have finally found my dream vehicle! I am now finally the owner of an Audi S4 Avant B9 (2017) finished in Daytona grey.

I did look at a number of other marques such as the BMW X3 M40i, C43 Wagon, Porsche Macan S and Audi SQ5 but the S4 Avant had the biggest pros and value.

The biggest Issue I found with the availability of the S4 was the varied spec, there are lots of base spec and top spec vehicles but they were either driver focused, tech focused or comfort focused. The unicorn spec also included Adaptive S sport suspension with damping control and sports diff (lets call this unicorn poo!).

My focus was to obtain a car with black styling pack, diamond cut non RS wheels (the only S4 ones), folding mirrors, Matrix lights and Adaptive suspension. Anything else was a major bonus, but this initial list was mandatory. Long story short I was lucky enough to find a private 1 owner vehicle with 25k on the clock, full Audi SH, excellent condition bar a few kerbed wheels (car as in for a full refurb as we speak). The spec is as followings:

Adaptive suspension :wink:
Black styling pack
Folding mirrors
Hill Hold Assist
Carbon inlays
Light and vision pack
Privacy glass
Sports diff :friendly wink:
Rear view camera
Red brake calipers
Storage pack
Tow bar
19" alloys

I am totally blown away by the car, like most I only managed to get a standard/base spec car test drive for ten minutes so it was hard to get a true feeling for it until you owned one. The ride comfort, agility and traction is unreal. The sports diff has such a massive effect on the cars ability, whilst it wasn't on my want list Im extremely glad its on the car! The standard sounds is also fabulous, I love the silky smooth V6 especially in dynamic mode! As a family of four, it swallows up crap, it sounds fantastic, it unbelievable planted and general pottering sees me 23 mpg (my 2.0 GTI only did 26). Carbon atlas is stunning, pictures don't do it justice, the virtual dash & MMI screen is also excellent! Extremely excited to start some adventures this year, I will hopefully use this post to picture the car in great locations.

I was a little disappointed that it didn't have B&O, but after listening to the V6 it was soon forgotten lol. However Im looking to upgrade the standard front sound stage to the Bruce Miranda setup at some point (see forums). That said the standard setup is pretty good (well it sounds it to me!) The second want would have been a pan roof, but again I only saw one car with everything listed and it sold in 4 hours, as it was in London during lockdown I was unable to see it. Black rear and V6T badges are also on the agenda to match the Carbon mirror caps.

A couple of pics below, thanks all.



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Very nice indeed. I’ve had mine nearly 2 years and it still surprises me with its get up and go. Won’t be long before you start thinking about a tune.
Very hard to find literally everything you want second hand and it seems patience paid off. As long as you’ve got the important ones, that’s all that matters.
Mine is Navarra blue, black pack, pan roof and B&O and all I’m missing that I wanted was matrix but hey ho, got fed up waiting !

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Nice car! I think we were looking for very similar things at similar times. I was looking for over a year for one with adaptive dampers, sport diff, memory seats and a black interior. Finally found mine in December but had to compromise on the wheels. Much prefer yours but I have the V-spokes. To add insult to injury your wheels rarely come up for sale...


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Lovely car! Nice spec! To be honest I would have done the same. The RS wheels are also nice and I was actually offered one too with those wheels and spec. The bonus of the wheels are you could always eBay them and find the replacements if you really wanted. Whereas the other spec is super rare!

How are you finding the the car?


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Looks Lovely, Daytona Grey especially in the sun looks wicked! I love going out at night and seeing the headlights do their thing as other cars come towards you