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Hi all.
Purchased an 2010 A7 3ltr TFSI last week with air suspension and ACC. Lovely to drive. I'm looking at doing a few mods in the future to customise it to my liking and have a few questions to start with!!
Can you program the joker key to change between modes in drive select? It only gives me options for radio, nav voice etc!
I want to get Android auto so I can get waze on the display. What are people using for this and what are your reviews?
Thanks in advance, I've got loads more questions but thought I'd start with 2!!


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I have a 2016 facelift A7 with the top spec HD based MMI.

I had an aftermarket unit fitted behind the MMI unit to give Android & CarPlay functionality to the car, it’s an IMI-1000 and cost around £550 fitted.

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Welcome to the Magnificent 7 corner of the forum :yahoo:

Great cars, though a little expensive to mod, but great fun once you get used to the size!

Post some pictures when you get a chance :racer:

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