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New to me 06’ A4 Avant 1.9TDi

ScotCamOp Oct 31, 2018

  1. ScotCamOp

    ScotCamOp New Member

    Hey all,

    Like the title suggests I’ve purchased the above with 141k on the clock.
    Planning to make it a crew vehicle for lugging people and kit around as I work in the TV/Film industry.
    It’s come with full service history and loads of receipts, but no user manual, so I have some questions.

    Radio wise I’ve been pondering an upgrade from the one it came with (a Symphony II without the 6 CD changer apparently) so I’m looking at options.
    I discovered through another post that it has built in Bluetooth for calls, which was an excellent surprise!
    Is there a way to make it able to stream music/podcasts through Bluetooth as well?
    I’ve read other posts which talk about getting an adapter kit for a cabled aux in and they seem relatively easy to fit, would that be an option as I’d like to keep the availability to take phone calls handsfree with the audio coming through the car speakers.

    Alternatively I could replace it with something off of eBay or amazon.
    I’ve found this;
    *See attached picture, I didn’t realise I wasn’t allowed to post eBay links*
    Which claims to fit and has extra features.
    Anyone have any knowledge of these and if they’re worthwhile or if it’s a too good to be true type of deal?

    Or I’m thinking of replacing with a single din unit, which I’ve seen for £15-£30 on Amazon.
    I saw one picture where someone had done this and they’d also moved the heating controls up as well, leaving a handy gap above the ashtray where sunglasses etc could be stored.
    Is that easy to do/ something worth pursuing?

    And the final option I’m looking at is one of those FM transmitters that plugs into the cigarette lighter, but I’ve read conflicting things saying they don’t work too well in an Audi.

    As for the aforementioned front ashtray, it seems to only open up a small amount, is this normal?
    I can’t figure out how to remove the tray for cleaning through the small opening if that’s the case.

    I’m also looking at installing an arm rest as it doesn’t have one and there are no holes wear one would have been.
    I saw this on eBay and it says it would fit my car;
    *see attached picture*
    I’ve read a few installing posts but they seem to mention a centre bolt where I’d have to cut the centre console on top.
    The eBay one looks like it screws in from the sides though I could be wrong.
    Are these any good or is there a better alternative for roughly the same price?

    The rear ashtray is broken with no cover, is there something to replace this with?
    I’m not a smoker and wouldn’t let anyone smoke in my car so if it was just a wee cubby hole I’d be happy with that.

    I’m getting one long beep from reverse when I engage it the first time and the reverse sensors aren’t working.
    I presume not anyway as there seems to be sensors on the rear bumper but I get no proximity alerts.
    What are the likely causes of this failure and is at a fix I can do myself once discovered?

    I’ve got some plastidip and am going to black out the front grill and badge.
    Am I right in thinking to remove the grill I’d have to remove the whole front bumper as that is a total faff.
    Otherwise I’ll place some cardboard behind the grill and be extra careful with masking.
    If this proves successful I’m pondering doing all the chrome and badges in the same matte black, trying to emulate the look of a TV camera car.

    Thanks for any responses and help guys!
    I’ve had other issues that I’ve googled and this place is always top of the results with info so I have faith that you all know your stuff.

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  3. ScotCamOp

    ScotCamOp New Member

  4. KLBC

    KLBC Member Team V8 Audi S4 Saloon S tronic

    In regards to the FM transmitter, i used the same one about 3 years matey. And one of my old cars were audi.

    Never had static or any problems whatsoever, does music, calls, the lot.

    100% recommended for a cheaper option. Look for one that doesnt stand out as much and youll barely notice it there.

    I no longer use it but if you search Car G7 bluetooth that's the one I had.
  5. KLBC

    KLBC Member Team V8 Audi S4 Saloon S tronic

    In regards to the grille, yeah you have to remove the bumper to remove the grille, its not much of a job ive done it several times, but will take few hours on first attempt!
  6. Baka

    Baka Active Member

    My front ashtray gets stuck sometimes. Opening it, pushing the 'tray' firmly down, then closing, then opening it again sorts it.
  7. ScotCamOp

    ScotCamOp New Member

    Thanks KLBC, I checked amazon and got an FM transmitter for a tenner, should be getting delivered tomorrow!

    My can of Plastidip arrived today as well, so I’ll hopefully get a chance to give spraying the grill a go.

    I’ll have a play about with the ashtray, see if I can get it to open anymore.

    Thanks for the replies guys, appreciate it
  8. ScotCamOp

    ScotCamOp New Member

    FM transmitter seems to be working perfectly.
    I got one that’s got a couple usb slots on it as well so I can charge my phone.
    Small, neat and unobtrusive, just what I was after.

    I’ve tried getting the ashtray to move some more and no joy.
    I reckon there might be something jamming the lid from retracting fully so it looks like it might have to come out entirely to check.

    And unfortunately it’s pi$$ing down, so plastidipping the front will have to wait.
    Thanks for the help so far guys
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  9. Beardymat

    Beardymat Active Member TFSI Owners Group Team V8 Team Sprint Audi S4 Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group quattro

    with regards to the parking sensors you probably have a bad sensor. If you pop it in reverse with the ignition on but without starting the car you can then go and listen to the sensors if you're somewhere quiet, you will hear a slight clicking and this can also be felt if you lightly rest your finger tip on it. The ones that don't click are the duff ones but you must rule out a wiring fault before just buying new ones by swapping a working one for a non working one and seeing if the fault moves with the sensor which means its the sensor or stays put which points to the wiring. Sensors are cheap enough on ebay.
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  10. Sibmets

    Sibmets Member

    In regards of armrest, the one You found looks like a universal one, original looks a bit different and to fit it You also need bracket and make a hole in your center console.

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