New to Forum - Bluetooth Audio Help - A3 Sportback



Hello I am new to the forum and hoping someone here may be able to help/offer advice.

I have a '09 1.6 A3 Sportback which I have had for a few years now and love. The only let down is the stereo. It's a Audi Chorus and as far as I can tell only has CD and Radio and no CD changer in the back. Also has no inputs on the steering wheel either.

As I spend more and more time in the car I really want to find a way of playing spotify from my iPhone to the car speakers. I got a FM transmitter but as I'm sure you are aware it's not really that good.

Is there anything I can do with the equipment I have got? For example a bluetooth reviever that can be wired into the Chorus as I would prefer not to have to get a aftermarket headunit if I don't need too.

Also to make things harder money is a tad tight atm so the cheaper the better :)

Any help would be appreciated.


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Aftermarket is probably the cheapest and best route if you haven’t got any connectivity to your current system adding ami would be fairly costly I believe