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New to cleaning/detailing. Cleaning Alloys and Tyres

luke1980 Mar 21, 2019

  1. luke1980

    luke1980 Member


    Hi all. After having Fran from FMDetailing coming around to ceramic protect my car etc. I decided to take it on myself to keep the car in order rather than going to the local garage for a clean.

    So much equipment I need to buy . Having brought a Karcher K4 Pressure Washer, hosepipe , 3 x buckets, 3 x grit guards, drying towel etc . There is still more to buy. But all very confusing as a beginner and wonder if people can help.

    Snow Foam / Prewash
    I still thinking about a snow foam device, do i need prewash, which shampoo to buy.

    Alloys and Tyres
    I have been recommended Hamber Auto wheel, but do I need something to clean the alloys with , such as Mitt or brushes or both. I have also seen videos of people cleaning the tyre to. what do i need for this , just a brush?

    Drying Car
    I have seen some people have got air blowers that remove the water from the car instead of using a towel but not sure how effective these are. So will stick with the towel for now.

    Inside of Car
    I prefer not to keep lugging my Dyson vacum downstair and wanted to get something to leave in the garage , what do people use ? a dedicated service or a handheld cordless one ?

    How do you clean the inside and remove the dust build up , do you use wipes / microfibre cleaner agents, and how do you clean the steering wheel for example.

    Do you use something to clean the inside and outside of the garage and what is recommended.

    I have been told by Fran to get some Max Protect Silk coat to top up my protection on the car.

    I know people will have different opinions but would love an idiot guide to get me started. Think that covers everything for now.

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. pxr5

    pxr5 Active Member Team Mythos TDi A7 Owner Group Black Edition quattro S-line owners group

    Lots of different opinions. Here's mine and to keep it as simple as:

    Prewash - Forget snowfoam. Just get a chepo garden pump sprayer and get hold of Bilt Hamber Autofoam. Use at 5%.
    Alloys and Tyres - Once properly cleaned and sealed, just clean as normal with car shampoo. Autowheels is very good initially, but don't use it all the time. For a brush Wheel Woolies come highy recommende. I prefer the easy EZ brushes though - your call. For the face a small detailing brush and a mitt. Halfords seel a noodle glove which is great for wheels. To seal something like FK1000P is great as it's High temp.
    Drying - Don't bother with a blower as you'll need to pay a lot for one that does the whole car. Just get a decent drying towel and some sort of rinse aid. Autoglym Aquawax is good. But AG have just released Polar Seal which is getting good reviews.
    Inside - Wickes and Screwfix both sell a wet and dry vac for £40 you can leave in the garage. Don't bother with a handheld unless a Dyson or Gtech.
    Inside the car Autoglym Interior detailer will do and for finishing Car Pro Perl is great diluted.
    Glass - Any old glass cleaner will do. For the inside Halfords sell a glass clening pad that allows you to reash awkward bits of the inside glass. https://www.halfords.com/motoring/c...uckets/halfords-long-reach-windscreen-cleaner
    Protection - I don't know what Max Protect Silk, but Sonax BSD is the best top up detailing spray.

    If I was starting out right now this is what I'd buy:

    Any Pressure washer
    2 buckets, 1 guard
    BH Autofoam or Koch Chemie Greenstar, pump sprayer
    A wheel cleaner - BH Autowheels
    Autoglym Tar and Glue remover - for tar spots
    Autoglym Magma - fallout remover
    A set of small detailing brushes and a wheel brush for the backs
    Carchem 1900:1 car shampoo
    2 Microfibre wash mitts (1 top for , 1 for bottom)
    Autoglym SRP and a sponge applicator
    Autoglym UHD wax kit
    a Large drying towel and a rinse aid
    A decent set of buffing cloths
    Some APC e.g. BH Surfex HD, but Koch Chemie Greenstar makes a good APC too.
    Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailer (BSD)
    Carpro Perl - for plastics and tyres
    A glass cloth and use any old glass cleaner
    AG interior shampoo or very diluted APC
    Lots of cheap microfibres
    FK1000P sealant (for wheels and bodywork if you wish)

    Think that's it. If I've left anything out it's probably because I've just got up lol. That lot is just for starters. In time, and with more proctice, you can try to experiment. Oh and detailing is not cheap either and once on the path that's it.

    Cleaning cars and getting them looking good is all in the PREPERATION.
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  4. S32B

    S32B Well-Known Member Audi A5 S tronic Coupe

    I agree, I've used snow foam and citrus pre wash for years...never again. Just Bilt Hamber Autofoam as said :)
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