New to Audi and am I just being paranoid ?


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Well I rather like my Stronic despite only having manuals to compare with. I guess at the end of the day it comes down to individual driving style and situation. I'll be the first to admit that the take off lag was disconcerting on a couple of occasions at first, mitigated by the car's sure footedness once moving. I've simply taken that on board and try not to :scared2: out of those I take off in front of by going for a gap that at best is marginal. But hey, I'm rarely in a hurry these days............

Oh, and :sign welcome: Desmond. Nice wheels!


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So we can all agree that the Audi gearbox is rubbish compared to BMW and mercedes but that doesn't matter as long as you're not in traffic or in a hurry but the ride is better in an Audi?


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Agree with whats been said so far. The Gearbox has its pros and cons. Shifts are lightning quick and barley even noticeable on the move but the delay means you have to adapt your driving style to suit the box. Its definitely not a jump in and go type of car it takes a bit a of getting used to. Having to plan your exit out of a junction/roundabout can be frustrating (made even worse by the stop/start) but you get used to it and eventually it becomes second nature.

To the OP: dont let whats been said on here put you off, it still makes for a great daily driver. Give it a few ,000 more miles and see how you feel.
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Agreed, having come from a ZF box, this one isn't the best. Still a great car though.

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I imagine that you'll find it's more down to the way that Audi program the box and that if a BMW engineer worked on it then there wouldn't be the same issues. I only say that because my S4 has the ZF8 box that's used in the BWM automatic transmissions and it's definitely better programmed by BMW. You can easily adapt your driving style to suit the box but it definitely feels less urgent in the Audi.


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agree with you i came from a 2016 A6 avant the same gearbox as my a4 190 tfsi but there was no lag with the A6 must be something to do with the electronic shifter on the A4 .


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For all those that can't stand the nature of the s tronic - if it's really that bad and you still have a while left with the car why not just remap the software? It really is worth it IMHO.

I have the zf and even though it's been flashed in all honesty it's still not as involving as my previous a3 s tronic was when I got a tcu flash on that.

The s tronic has so much potential and could be a lot better than what it is in stock audis.

With the right software its honestly as good as Porsche PDK and that's up there with the best.

It's really a win win combo plus not detectable either.