New to ASN from MK hi everyone!!!


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Hi everyone, signed up to ASN today, looking forward to using this forum. Been into VW's and nothing else for a very long time. Had loads of mk1's, mk2's, a mk3, a few mk4's, quite a few air cooled bugs, a fastback, and a 69 bay!! You get the idea, I have a real obsession!! Most recently I have got a 2006 a4 s line avant tdi, my car previous to this was an l322 range rover, and I can honestly say I think I prefer driving my avant!!

Been on edition38 for years, but now I've grown up (er...... maybe I haven't)!! Also use vzi, but this looks like the perfect place to scratch my VAG itch!!

So hello to all!! Oh and merry Christmas to everyone while I think of it. Newport pagnell seems to be some kind of mecca for sweet bag rides, many people from NP or MK on here?