New to an A3..


TDi lover
So last week I was looking through the for sale ads on facebook not really looking to buy a car I was just bored.. I came across an A3 1.9tdi quattro.. the wife had always fancied an A3 so next thing I knew we were on route to view it... An hour later I'm driving it home!! The wife has since drove it and has told me she gets a sore back driving it.. Looks like I've got a new toy!!
So the wife's running around in my B5 A4 1.9tdi quattro Avant which she has been for a while. And I'm now running the A3..

So where to start.. I've started working through some of its little niggles. Fitted a new blower motor, picked up a passenger side window mechanism tonight to fit. Also got a few other bits.. S3 steering wheel as the standard one was horrid after having the A4 quattro. Center armrest as missing having this.
Also got S3 spoiler, S3 front and rear brakes.

So my main thing... What suspension is folk running? I'm finding the rear end too stiff?
Anyone paid to replace a windscreen? Mines is cracked and my trade insurance doesn't cover this.


TDi lover
So not a lot been happening really. Got a new windscreen fitted ( £150 ) put it I for an mot failed on 2 rear springs and a track rod end. I done the work to it while it was on the ramp and got a years ticket on it. Been busy trying to build up a new business and with family stuff. Then to top it off my old A4 eventually gave up the ghost.. I've known it was going to happen eventually as ok be known the head gasket was dodgy for the last 18 months but still managed to do 30k in it... The timing belt was also 20k overdue so being honest I half expected that to go first.... But hey it's gave me the push I needed to start doing the engine and gearbox change