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New TFSI owner woes and query

antwan64og Jul 9, 2018

  1. antwan64og

    antwan64og Active Member

    Bought a 2006 BUL TFSI last night and Oil pressure light came on on the way home so coasted and got a lift on a flat bed. Top end sounds ok, with likely culprit being the oil pump at 99k.

    Engine is coming out this weekend to inspect and see whats what.

    Other than a new cam lobe, a HPFP upgrade and cleaning the inlet valves is anything else worth doing now along with the oil pump and maybe a clutch?

    Is the balance shaft delete oil pump kit on ebay any good?
    Is a sachs Xtend clutch strong enough for the torque from mapping or is the sachs SRE organic needed?

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  3. RichMk3

    RichMk3 Active Member Bronze Supporter


    I'd check the oil pickup in the sump, sometimes can get blocked and cause oil pressure issues, or as you say the oil pump.

    Water pump and cam belt worth doing while the engines out. Check the dmf when you change the clutch also.

    With regard to tuning, STD clutch will be okay, especially if 2wd, upto 270bhp... Some people have run much more without problems. That's the practical limit with the standard turbo anyways.
  4. antwan64og

    antwan64og Active Member


    Cambelt, water pump and timing chain were done 6 weeks ago so thats a bonus.

    I’ll always change a DMF with a clutch, previous owner of my A3 just changed the clutch and the bad DMF killed the clutch within 5,000 miles.

    Good to know on the clutch, it’s quattro but as you say the small turbo limits the torque output anyway.

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