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New saloon paint problem

JWAM Jun 8, 2018

  1. JWAM

    JWAM Member

    Hi all, I have been lurking around the forum since I put my order in for a mythos black saloon in Feb. Arrived to my dealer about 10 days ago and registered end of May. Most options aside from pano roof (now regret not speccing,) and ceramic breaks. My detailer went to prep at the dealership today - car left untouched till he arrived at my request. He called to say he found a paint floor in the rear wing, drivers side. Looks like the transport film was applied before the paint cured and there is a sheer link as a result of the differential cure. He was unable to machine out with the most aggressive compound he had available. Although controversial and not for all (I understand fully!) I'm off to have it fully wrapped with xpel ultimate tmrw - there is a chance the film will reduce (possibly alleviate the effect), but I'm sure audi won't touch it after. Ppf was to keep the car as spotless as my OCD requires and will hopefully fend off the multiple work car park dings to the doors my current car has. I pick up tmrw and was interested in some collective thoughts/wisdom. It's my first new car through the dealer and I obviously don't want to start off sour, but equally expect more for a car that cost just over 55k and will be cherished onwardly! Also don't want to be liable for the inevitable depreciation the imperfection will cause given the care the car will revive under my ownership! Needless to say I don't want it painted as its swapping one issue for another - ditto plus the inconvience of no car if they swap out the wing. It's really taken the shine (no pun intended) off what should have been a really exciting day tmrw! Thoughts and opinions welcomed please! Image attached from my detailer, pretty plain to see but pretty low res as Sent attached to sms. IMG_2061_01.jpg
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  3. D0C

    D0C Well-Known Member Team Nardo Team Panther TTRS Audi RS3

    I'm struggling to see what you mean?!
  4. JWAM

    JWAM Member

    It's a low res pic, just above the detailers finger you can see the sheer line running 45 degrees across the light reflections from the fluro lights overhead. You do need to zoom in on the pic attached tho if viewing on a phone screen. I'm hoping it'll be a non issue when I see it tmrw morning first hand. If the detailer hadn't highlighted it I'm sure I wouldn't have seen it on handover, but now I have seen it I can't unsee it!
  5. AudiNutta

    AudiNutta Well-Known Member Team Racing Blue Mica Sportback Audi RS3 quattro

    I’m picky and providing the paint isn’t levelled higher where the line is, I doubt you will see it day to day.

    Lesson learnt myself, expect the worst after a detailer send a photo of something when in reality it isn’t anywhere near as bad.
  6. Behind The Bins

    Behind The Bins Well-Known Member

    Go and have a look but don’t feel pressured to accept a fault, if you can live with it great. I suppose your options are

    Acccept the car and negotiate compensation

    Ask for it to be repaired with a courtesy car, careful though could be opening a can of worms, as where fault is would require a lot of painting

    Reject the car completely

    I’ve accepted things like this in the past and regretted it later
  7. JWAM

    JWAM Member

    Thanks all, collected today. The imperfection was barely noticeable so drove away content. Having come from a deisel merc I couldn't be happier with the RS3, looking forward to getting to know it better! Been enjoying the forum, reading the threads waiting for factory build and delivery has made the time pass that little bit more easily...
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