New S5 upgrades please :)

hi everyone! my dad has just orederd a new S5 after 18months of owning a A5 3.0tdi sport,

The new S5 is due to arrive in march (ready for the new style reg) and he wants to make it stand out abit rather than just have an "off the shelf" audi, so he's been looking at companies like ABT for inspiration and likes what they have to offer, but at a hefty price tag of £9,500 for the works, is abit steep!

dont get me wrong, their bodykit, wheel and exhaust package looks the dogs rocks, but feels like its abit of a premium..

so i was just wondering if there are any other companies out there that do these mods and are still protected under audi warranty ect???

many thanks in advance! :)


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You could have a look at Caractere, I personally think they do the nicest looking aftermarket bodykits for the A/S5. Not sure about the warranty thing though.