New S4 owner.....


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Hello, a quick introduction of myself, I'm Neal from Redditch, (just south of Birmingham) I'm nearly 40 and work for a well know British car 4x4 manufacturer in the Midlands.

Im quite well known on the Volvo forums as I own a rather nice 850R, and as they are so helpful in times of need I thought it might be nice to join an Audi forum....... Just incase.

i have recently purchased (March) a B6 S4.

it had just over 100k on clock. and had the benefits of LPG (same as my Volvo)

im looking for some subtle mods as this will be my daily drive. Since owning I have had the wheels refurbished and a drive shaft replacement at my local specialist. I had a vibration on acceleration.

its due and oil change which will be done in 600 ish miles as I was led to believe they need regular changes 4k since last.

I love the V8 noise and I will be purchasing a miltek exhaust as a neighbour has a RS4 V8 and it sounds epic.

i hope I fit in and sorry if this is a long intro.

cheers for reading



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Welcome Neal!
I had a B6 when they first came out after the previous B5. Now have a B8. I'm sure you will love your new S4. Cheers!