New S3 Sprint blue - help?


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Hi guys - I'm looking for some direction on what to use on my new S3.

Its new and from the looks of things has not had the paint damaged by the dealership. No visible scratches or buffer marks that I can see in the sunlight or under my garage lights.

What I'm after is some advice on what products to use for ther best results.

Its been a long time since I've even applied any products to any of my cars (Over 16 months) as I've not had a car that I've been bothered about (company hack only).

Dont get me wrong, although I'm no expert, I appreciate how to do the detailing and can apply the products etc, I'm more interested in what to use on the S3. Espcially giving the best results for Audi's Sprint blue.

I'd like to start as I mean to go on with the Audi. With my previous Leon Cupra R, I used quite a lot of Meguairs products and still own quite a lot, altjhough I dont know what shelf life they will have as I have not used any of them for nearly 2 years.

I have the 3 stage system, gold class wax, endurance tyre gel, wheel cleaner, quick detailer, claybar kit etc etc.

But I'm seriously considering just buying all fresh products as a one off to ensure I get the best results for the S3.

So guys open to you any help you can give will be appreciated?

Intending to give it its first detail at the weekend so a quick response would be helpfull in case I need to be mail ordering any products.


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Hi Paul, sorry for the delayed reply, another manically busy week for us and I have not been on as much as I would have liked. Okay, lifted straight from our new online FAQ...

Compared to their lighter counterparts, mid-tone metallic/pearlescent colours such as Sprint Blue have enough additional colour depth to give them a significantly greater degree of reflectivity. Not only does this make it far easier to achieve a finish with much greater clarity and depth, but it also enhances how wet the paint looks, as more highlights are shown up in the finish. Consequently, it is not difficult to achieve an excellent finish on such colours, and most last step products will produce good results. However, we believe it is always better to work with the characteristics of the paint rather than against them, and for this reason we recommend using a synthetic sealant instead of a natural carnauba wax as the last step product on mid-tone metallic/pearlescent colours. This is because sealant polymer chains tend to cross-link to form an exceptionally smooth, highly dense surface layer that minimises any scattering of light caused by micro-structures in the surface of the paint, meaning that metallic and pearlescent flakes receive more transmitted light and thus appear to stand out more from the base colour (a phenomenon commonly known as flake pop). Moreover, the same smoothing and filling properties also ensure that light is reflected far more efficiently than would be the case with a microscopically rougher, less dense natural carnauba wax coating, meaning that reflections are afforded much greater clarity and depth.

Out of the various synthetic sealants we stock, we favour either the Werkstat Acrylic Kit or Blackfire Wet Diamond All Finish Paint Protection for optimal results on mid-tone metallic/pearlescent colours. The Werkstat Acrylic Kit delivers an incredible level of reflectivity characterised by amazing clarity and depth, and makes metallic and pearlescent flakes stand out from the base colour more than any other product we have used. Indeed, on some mid-tone metallic colours we have worked on, it has literally made the flake appear to explode out of the surface of the paint when viewed in direct sunlight. Further benefits afforded by the Werkstat Acrylic Kit include terrific ease of use, even in cold and damp conditions, and excellent durability, with a single application of the three component system typically lasting for around 3 months on a daily driver, although this can be extended almost indefinitely if regular quick detailing is undertaken. Alternatively, Blackfire Wet Diamond All Finish Paint Protection delivers an equally outstanding finish, characterised by slightly less flake pop but greater jetting and outright gloss. Further benefits afforded by Blackfire Wet Diamond All Finish Paint Protection include terrific ease of use and excellent durability, with a single application typically lasting for around three months on a daily driver, although this can be extended almost indefinitely if regular quick detailing is undertaken.

Example Werkstat Acrylic Finish:





Example Blackfire All Finish Paint Protection Finish:





Plenty of Sprint Blue owners have posted Werkstat Acrylic results in this section in the past, so might be worth doing a search for extra examples images if you like what you see above. Here are some links to descriptions about the two systems...

Werkstat Acrylic Kit -

Blackfire All Finish Paint Protection -

Once you decide which finish you like the look of more, let me know on here and I'll then post up a care routine for you to follow.



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Here's one I did. Cleansed with a Zym0l HD Cleanse, then Zym0l Carbon wax to follow:





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Somehowe managed to post that up twice.

The Blackfire stuff, werkstat acrylic are superb systems also and would certainly be a more cost effective option.