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New S3 sportback owner

jak kez 187 Sep 25, 2018

  1. jak kez 187

    jak kez 187 Registered User

    Hey everyone, first post here! Looks a great forum so glad to be involved.

    Picked up my 15 plate S3 Sportback S Tronic in Daytona Grey on Friday and absolutely love it, can't stop smiling every time I sit in it!

    Want to keep the car as well maintained as possible with regular services etc. The car has done 26,000 miles and is due its next service in January 2019.

    From the Audi service history I can see that it's just had regular services up until now, but i've been told that gearbox/haldex services may be due soon.

    Can anyone shed some light on what I will need to keep on track of within the next few years of ownership, anything I may need to keep my eye on in particular?

    And do you guys recommend using an authorised Audi garage for all servicing? I understand it may be a bit more expensive but its got FASH up until now so i'm in two minds about carrying it on or going elsewhere. I'm based near Dudley in the West Midlands and have a few specialist Audi independent garages round by me which look ok.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated especially as i'm so new to the Audi scene! Cheers!
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  3. Adam14

    Adam14 Registered User

    I know plenty go to independents, as long as they use OEM parts and know what they're doing, I'd give em a go and see if you like them. I use my Audi dealer at the moment as got a service package thrown in with my car but will go with an Indy once that's done.

    Off the top of my head I don't remember there being anything else, there was a common coolant leak issue I think it was? Might be worth double-checking (search on this forum and relevant posts should show). The haldex is the main one I remember people mentioning for around 30ish k miles, if it was a manual then the clutches are prone to wearing too. If in doubt ask your independent and see what they say (if you trust them).

    Enjoy the S3

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  4. Audi Bairn

    Audi Bairn Moderator Staff Member Moderator Gold Supporter

    Welcome @jak kez 187
    Got any pics of the new car? It’s compulsory on here lol
  5. Jimbob76

    Jimbob76 Roof Rails Enthusiast Gold Supporter

    Welcome bud. Don’t feel like you have to use Audi dealerships for servicing. I’ve used an independent VAG specialist for 10+ years, and wouldn’t trust my ‘17 S3 with an Audi workshop for servicing, even if still under warranty. If a reputable independent uses the servicing guidelines set by Audi, and uses the recommended parts and consumables (i.e recommended oil) your warranty is still sound pal. The only way my car hits an Audi dealership would be for a warranty claim.

    You’re West Midlands mate - so check out GDT Auto in Kenilworth (VAG trained mechs and all the diagnostic kit) - I trust them implicitly and they’ve looked after me for a decade. Hope this helps.
  6. jak kez 187

    jak kez 187 Registered User

    Don't worry pictures will be coming in due course haha, car is getting detailed on Monday so i'll take a few then!

    Thanks for the advice guys. I think I will probably go down the independent route then.

    I've signed up to My Audi to try and get some more info on the car regarding spec/service schedule but there's no information on there what so ever which is odd. Doesn't even show me when it was last serviced etc.
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  7. Adam14

    Adam14 Registered User

    I'd ask the garage for the history and speak to the independent to see what they recommend to be done.

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    RGBARGEE Registered User

    If you have an Audi Warranty and service history I would keep using Audi if you can find a decent dealer. My local dealer Bristol Audi is generally pretty good but I have heard bad reports of some Midland dealers. It’s all down to the people and trust.
    Had my first S3 in 2014 and now have a 2018 as a daily driver. Great all round cars and quite economical too!
  9. jak kez 187

    jak kez 187 Registered User

    Funny you should say that. My local is Halesowen Audi and they are nothing short of useless. When I was looking to buy an S3 they were the most unhelpful people I have encountered at a dealership. And I soon as I mentioned I didn't need any finance on the used options I was looking at they simply couldn't care less about the business. Neighbour had a similar experience there as well so i'm staying well away from now on. Don't have an Audi warranty so fingers crossed I wont have to use them.

    Have encountered a small issue however. The car has developed a rattle on the passengers side when I rev between 1800-2000 rpm and when I go over bumpy surfaces. The sound to me appears to be inside the cabin. Best way I can describe it sound like the 'sports' exhaust I had on my moped when I was 16, when you just started turning the throttle, really not pleasant at all.

    I had heard about the metallic rattling issue some S3's have and specifically listened out for this on the 30 minute test drive. 100% wasn't there then and didn't hear it the whole 3 hour drive home. Have read through the metallic rattle thread from top to bottom and I can't figure out if this is the problem or not.

    For anyone who's had that issue, did it sound like it was coming from inside the car? Specifically the passenger door area? Do have a warranty but it's with AutoGuard who are a bit of a nightmare apparently so would like to see if I can sort it myself before getting it into a garage. Will be a bit annoying if it is the infamous waste gate rattle though as it appears nothing can be done!
  10. HertS3

    HertS3 Registered User

    Hey jak kez, I'm in pretty much the same boat as you! I got the same car as you (same colour even) a couple of weeks and loving it. Mine has more miles on it (44k) and was owned by my colleague so I know its history, only had one service when the car said so (oil service).

    Haldex oil change is recommended every 20k miles (look at the service booklet if you got it with the car) and DSG every 40k miles.

    I did both as well as brake fluid and a full engine service (sparks, ignition coils, engine oil) so hopefully covered all bases.

    Mine has an airbag light on currently (has done when I got it) and it reckons it's been in a crash but it hasn't, it's going in to Audi Watford next week for a dash removal so they can see what's up with it. Also there's a rattle when reversing round to the right, I wonder if it's this metallic sound mentioned above.

    Enjoy your car, I know I'm enjoying mine!
  11. Sparks43

    Sparks43 3rd Gear

    Do you have Bang & Olfusen as I'm sure somewhere on here sometime back there was an issue with the door speakers rattling

    I also had a rattle years ago on an 8P S3 - 3 door and it was where the back seat locks against the bar and it was chattering against that just enough play - ****** annoying

    The other thing is the passenger seatbelt hitting against the fascia

    Just some thoughts
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  13. Bells

    Bells Registered User

    Might not be the same but I had a rattle / whirring noise between 3k and 2k rpm mainly as I let off the throttle or maintained speed (not really when accelerating). After several visits to the Audi dealer they finally found the issue after I’d demonstrated the fault.

    It turned out to be a rattle and faulty seal from the fuel pipe located in under the back seats, although I personally thought the sound was originating from the drivers and passengers seats.
  14. jak kez 187

    jak kez 187 Registered User

    Well this week on the drive to and from work the rattle has gotten far worse, it's got to the point now where it genuinely sounds horrid. I am however convinced that it's not the metallic waste gate rattle which I suppose is good news.

    Last night I got my girlfriend to drive my car for a bit while I sat in the passengers seat and I couldn't hear the rattle at all and neither could she. Baring in mind only 1-2 hours before the rattle was loud and clear on my commute back. Now combine that with the fact that the rattle wasn't present on the test drive or the 3 hour drive back after purchasing, of which both times I had a passenger, this leads me to believe that it's most probably from the passenger seat in some way.

    @Sparks43 I don't have the B&O sound system but the area the rattle comes from does seem to me like it is around the door speaker area so that could be another area to look at. Have checked the seatbelt area a few times now and it doesn't seem to be that. The sound is far lower down, in the footwell sort of area really.

    @HertS3 Yes mate other than this issue I am in love with the car! Always puts a smile on my face, find any excuse to get behind the wheel. Pretty sure mine hasn't had the Haldex change yet and I'm on 26K so think i'll request that to be done when it has its service in January.

    @Bells Hmm that's interesting. The more it goes on I am starting to think i'm going to just have to bite the bullet and take the car into Audi. I'm very apprehensive though because like I stated earlier my local dealership are absolutely useless!

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