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New S3 Owner - Few simple Q's!

Stevofoz Sep 5, 2013

  1. Stevofoz

    Stevofoz Registered User

    Hi All,

    New to the forum (have posted in the welcome section!) and Audi ownership with a 2001 154Kw 8L S3 and apart from being thrilled to pieces with it there are a couple of relatively straight forward questions that I could do with your knowledge on!

    Firstly, I'm a complete noob with Turbo engines so forgive me if there are a couple of moron-level questions!

    1. Should I be able to hear the turbo spooling up whilst driving - it's like a whistling noise?
    2. It has a 710N DV - should this make a stuttered whooshing noise or a constant whoosh when changing gear on boost? Should I even be able to hear it at all? (though it is only audible with the passenger window open)
    3. The drivers side headlight comes up to normal level when turned on then slowly dips itself while driving to point at the floor. I have read the threads on here regarding level sensors but could you confirm the location of the one i need to replace and whether it will need recalibrating by Audi once fitted?
    4. Any idea what would be squeaking under the front of the car whilst driving? It is definitely suspension related but the car has recently had new top mounts both sides and new lower ball joints. Is there a common failing bush on the front of these cars or do I need to go down the expensive garage investigation route?
    5. The wheel bearings on the N/S are rumbling, I think it's the front wheel but can't be sure without further investigation. Are these garage only fitment or can they be done by a competent home mechanic with a bench press?
    6. Lastly, does anyone else have an iPod lead connected to their Concert head unit? Mine has one but it doesn't seem to play anything through it when plugged in. It cancels out the radio when I plug in but nothing more.

    Any help/advice will be gratefully received!

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  3. <tuffty/>

    <tuffty/> Badger 5 Edition...Its all about the flow... Staff Member Moderator

    In answer to your questions...

    1> tricky one to answer... normally this is associated with fitting an after market air filter or a boost leak... a std unmolested car with no issues should be quiet... a mapped car with a few mods will be noisier

    2> if it makes a choo, choo, choo type noise then its probably split... you should be able to replicate the noise just revving the engine to 3-4k whilst staionary... as per 1) above, the noise a DV makes increases with mods...

    3> the headlights will typically auto align on first start... this is normal... the level sensors (there are two) rarely go wrong unless some ham fisted oaf has broken them whilst messing with the suspension... they are located in the front passenger wheel well and rear passenger suspension tie bar

    4> front suspension arm bushes, top mounts and anti roll bar bushes are typical candidates... you could spray a bit of wd40 on each in turn and see if the noise goes or lessens...

    5> the need to be pressed out and pressed in... unless you have a 5/10 tonne press then forget it... what you can do is remove the hub yourself if you are remotely competent with a spanner and take them to the garage to press out/in... you will only have to pay the labour of pressing the bearings rather than the whole job

    6> weren't std or an option IIRC... it will be a third party lead.. dension or connects 2... they normally emulate a CD Changer so try the changer controls...

  4. Stevofoz

    Stevofoz Registered User

    Thanks for the response Tuffty.
    Just to clarify, the 710N DV has been replaced this year and it is definitely a stuttered noise rather than a single whoosh sound. Could this indicate that there is a boost/vac leak somewhere?
    The brake pedal also moves about a bt when applying the brakes, it feels almost as if the vac is not a constant supply but is increased as the brakes are applied as the pedal moves incrementally further down during braking - not at a standard solid rate.
  5. mk1chopper

    mk1chopper Missing the S3

    With regard to question 3 this sounds like the headlight motor has failed, if it was one of the level sensors both lights would drop down or fail to adjust, if it s just one this is probably something in the headlight itself. If the level sensors have failed this will also show up when scanned using vag-com (well mine did that is)
  6. mk1chopper

    mk1chopper Missing the S3


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