New S3 build thread -


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finally got another S3

Mods it had:
Forge twintake
Rev G
New PCV valve
R8 coil pack with uprated spark plugs

Mods i want to do:
New dipstick as this one is broken
Bigger intercooler (already got one in garage)
Uprated hpfp (already got one)
RS4 fuel return valve
Runner flap delete
Milltek exhaust (got brand new cat back) just need downpipe and de-cat
CTS Charge pipe
CTS turbo muffler delete/ discharge pipe
Performance clutch kit to handle power
Stage 2+ r tech map to 365bhp-375bhp

Heres a pic:

Im wondering if i can run twoopen cone filters on the forge twintake so get rid of the carbon canisters and just run open cone filters with the twintake pipework,
Just wondering if anyone has done that ? And i assume is should be fine or even better than a single filter intake am i right ? Dont want to spend money on a intake


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You could I suppose.

I've never been a fan of the Twintake to be honest as the narrowest portion of the intake is still at the MAF.

It doesn't matter if you have 10 filters on it and huge pipes as this is the narrowest point.
Also,if flow improves as a result of putting 2 filters on,it implies that the original spec wasn't up to the job.

The old ITG flows enough for 600+bhp with a single filter.
Ok rant over.... A pair of decent quality foam filters such as ITG or Pipercross should work.