New S3 ASR / ESP


Sepang Blue S3
Hi all,

Wasn't sure whether I saw a fault on my car today. When I press ESP off it displays ASR off. Just got home and read handbook and I think if you hold for 3 seconds it turns esp off. Can anyone confirm the actions before morning?



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Confirmed, press it once quickly and it will turn off Traction Control (ASR)

Hold it down and Stability (ESP) will also turn off....

Dont know if with both off if that means all the safety nets are disabled? anyone?


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I think with Audi the safety nets are never fully disabled.
I may be wrong, but I'm sure I read that they are 'off' until somethign serious happens and you need a hand.
So, trigger the ABS and the safety net comes back on.
Lose control of the car significantly and the safter net comes back on.

I'm 99% sure it's something like that, but someone with a little more tech knowledge than me will no doubt be along shortly :)


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Once it's off it will stay off, I know as I have been very sideways in the snow and it didn't come back on at any point.

Some motoring magazines say the ESP is re-enabled under braking but I can't confirm that.

I think whatever happens the EDL stays on. EDL brakes the spinning wheel to transfer power to the other wheel on the same axle, works up to 50mph on both front and rear axles.

I noticed when doing some sliding in the snow that my brakes smelt a bit afterwards, I'm guessing that's because the EDL was doing it's thing.

I guess you would always want that on as otherwise you are just spinning power away on one wheel of the front or rear differential as neither are limited slip.