New S3 8L Owner.


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Hi folks, i've been looking on here over last few months, so not really new. Just got my *** into gear and finally decided to post.

Bought the car back in December, and still over the moon with it.

No big plans as such, been there done that. Hoping this would be a car i'd be completely happy with, and no need to 'upgrade' anything, just keep it clean, serviced and drive it!!

I'll edit post with some pics, when i've re-sized them.

It's a 52 Reg, BAM, Avus wheels and Silver. Sure you all know what they all look like :icon_thumright:

Thanks, Lloyd.


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Welcome to the forum mate. Yeah they're awesome cars even in standard form when they're running properelly and not costing you money lol! Sure you'll be tempted soon by a remap... even if it's the only thing you do it'll bring a huge grin on your face like it did me. :)
welcome , car sounds like mine used to be :)

Drive it for a year then start mods that way you appreciate them more :)


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Good choice Lloyd, welcome to the site.

S3's are great cars to own and modify in my experience and pretty darn reliable too. I've had mine for over five years and have improved it year on year with various mods and she just keeps getting better and better.


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Welcome, i've kept mine standard for 3 and half years now, but modifications are on the way, worns parts to be replaced with uprated items in time.


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Thanks guys.

I am pretty determined to keep it standard, only thing I have thought about is stage 1 remap. Is it a big gain in terms of driving, I know rough figure is around the 240bhp mark. Anyone recommend anyone near York/Yorkshire?


welcome and good luck keeping it standard being a member of a forum :noway:
i was going to keep mine relativly standard now its one of the most modified on here lol


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Welcome to the site lloyd pretty sure you 'll give in sooner or later and at least get it mapped

Sorry to hijack the thread but kev any new pics since the bodywork etc


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Yeah mate need to update my sig really im not on here too much anymore, im in a mint 40k nogaro blue 8l now. I did sell the red one to raise funds for an 8p S3 but decided againt it in the end, im going euro (ish) with this one though.
ive seen some wheels which i really want which are
slammed on coilovers with the mirrors etc all black to match would look nice i reckon

Its pretty standard though atm and it'll probably stay that way until after ive been away this summer but i have got big plans for this one...