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I’m new here guys but I managed to get myself one of these after months, it’s full specd with super sport seats, Bose speakers, Quattro styling and panaromic roof!

Just a question for the alloys is there a touch up pen you can use as one is slightly scuffed, also is there something you can use to clean the exhaust tips as they are black??

Many thanks

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Congrats on your purchase! They are great little cars... What colour do you have? Sounds like a nice spec car like mine.. I assume you have the diamond cut wheels,? if so, there is no quick fix with a pen, they would need to be done professionally. With respect to exhaust tips, try something that will breakdown some of the carbon first, like a tar remover spray and irritate with a brush and wash off. After that some wire wool and Autosol metal polish does the job..



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Thanks mate! Il get pictures soon and thanks for the reply!... how do I go about getting sat Nat as I haven’t got a sd card or it hasn’t been activated??


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Satnav requires you to bend over and let Audi take you roughly from behind :eek:

Even if you source a card, it won't work unless pay mega bucks for them to activate it. If it's what you really want - try ringing round local Audi dealers and see if any are offering deals (I've seen price ranges from £350 - £600) and I have it and it's pretty pants. You'll also need to cough up for the map updates as well :(

Most use their phones in a holder or a stand alone sat nav - I have the TomTom with free traffic, map and speed camera updates, think it was £250 all in.


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Here’s pics I just need to get more, it’s full equipped with the Quattro pack inside and outside, super sport seats, Bose speakers and panoramic roof!! Just a question the previous owner had left the exhausts go black, I’ve used autosol but it’s not fully chromin it??


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Firstly, congrats on the car.

If the previous owner didn’t look after the exhaust tips then it’s likely they are pitted under all the stuck on gunk. Cheaper to buy replacements than get them re-chromed.

When I saw a set in bad shape, it was a case of washing them, buffing with a cloth dampened with a generous amount of tar remover (though some people use WD40) and then Autosol to bring up the shine on what remains.

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You can also try fine wire wool with metal polish, I think I have 00 grade wire wool and it feels like Candy floss, however it does remove and black from the exhausts :)


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Congrats on the S1. They really are a great drivers car.....a year on from selling ours, I do miss it :disappointed: