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  1. Just been looking on Audi.co.uk site and one of the dealers is advertising a 2004 (04 Reg) RS4 Avant - Look Awsome - Are these still made - how come this on available on a 04 Reg ?
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  3. Anito

    Anito Member

    It's a typo.

    Either it's an 01 RS4 or an 04 A4/S4.... just can't be both
  4. No it's not - Its a 04 car with a picture with an 04 plate - have a look at Audi.co.uk and search for RS4 under used cars - The red one is listed - Green one and this new one - Could not believe it mysele - have a look now and let me know !!!!
  5. Anito

    Anito Member

    WOW. I posted my relpy without checking.

    I can't believe it. What is odd though is that it's an 04 car (March onwards) and it's done 20k miles.... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif

    Could be worth a call to the dealer on Monday me thinks
  6. Good stuff - Hope you get on ok mate - You would have never know ! Let me know how you get on
  7. jgrand

    jgrand Member

    There's a post about this in the RS4 section with a cross-link to Tyresmoke. The car was stolen unregistered in 2001, then recovered and registered this year, hence the 04 plate. The 20k was done while the car was stolen and unregistered!!
  8. Doesn't this undermine the approved used audi theory?!
  9. srbroon

    srbroon New Member

    There is a exechange with the salesman on rs246.com for the full details on the history of the car

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