New RS3 saloon and CarbonCeramic Brakes HELP


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Hi guys

As my Audi dealer canceled me my AUDI rs3 order, because new RS3 2019 model is comeing (incl. GPF)

I fight hard to find some next car on DE dealers. I found one in the same config (except brakes).

Car have actualy 2200km and its 1 year old/ as some vw groupe manager used it just for some traveling to the work and previosly car was only on showroom as demo car.

Yes.., car have it CCB brakes ( carbon ceramic)

What do you think, iam a bit scary that CCB is a hell expensive for removeing/service in the future. But iam not planning any track days, only daily drive and maybe some drags to the future. And my 1 year “serve” is ca 8000-10000km/per year max... so my car during the 5-6 year will have ca 60 000km max.

Somebody tell me, that CCB can be used easily for an 150 000km without track use !? What do you think guys.., let me know please.

I will buy my RS3 during the next weekend and this is only one thing what i still thinking about. ;(

Second question is, as how i can find, how many launch controls car already had during the year? Is there some diagnostic rozdíl some SW?

Thx a lot for your comments and help... very appriciate!


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If the price was right CCB wouldn't put me off and due to the longevity are more likely to get replaced under warranty in the event of an issue.

Anyone with a Vagcom can check the launch counter. I expect the supplying dealer could probably check and tell you too.


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Personally, I wouldn't buy one with Ceramics, for the reasons you just said. Replacement costs. The discs should last years, but the pads will wear, and I believe these are more expensive than normal pads. Plus, if you do keep the car for years, and if the discs do need replacing for any reason, it's going to be a lot of money.

You also hear about people who do do track days stay away from Ceramics too (or at least on Porsches) for this very reason. Standard brakes are easier and cheaper to replace. The difference in weight is negligible which you'll never notice, unless you happen to be Lewis Hamilton.

Also think of selling on in the future. It must put potential future buyers off your car if they are fitted with Ceramics. All potential huge costs again.

However, if the car is PCP and you intend just to hand it back / trade it in in 2 / 3 years time, and the deal is right for you, then just do it if you are happy with the car.

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I have FL Ceramic Brake and I am really very satisfied . No vibrations, no hisses, no heating problem, only happiness
The brake pads are supposed to have a half life of that of the brake discs , either 80 000/100 000 kms .

There is also a renovation solution for ceramic brake discs , Around 1400 euros both.


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You can replace the discs with steel ones in the future if a problem occurs ;)