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Facelift New rs3 owner ! Saying hello and gearbox/ brakes/ exhaust questions.

Keane Jun 12, 2018 at 8:46 PM

  1. Keane

    Keane Active Member

    Evening lads !
    Hello from me :) is
    I’ve just got myself a beautiful nardo grey rs3 from a good customer from my work at a price a couldn’t refuse ! . I’m Really happy with the car however I’ve come from a stage 2+ DSG Audi s3 8p running 350bhp 400ftlbs and feel the gearbox is a lot more jerky and not as fast in the rs3 !
    Are these gearboxes known to be quite jerky / slow on the shifts ?
    I’ve also found the brakes are aweful and grind and shake slightly under braking .... it’s still under warranty but is this classed as a wear and tear part ? (Cars covered 57k)
    I’ve also been looking into the Audi decat pipes .... if I brought these would I need them fitted by Audi to keep my warranty ?

    Appreciate any help lads

    Keane [​IMG]

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  3. D0C

    D0C Well-Known Member Team Nardo Team Panther Audi RS3 TTRS

    Congratulations on the purchase. Car looking great!

    How old is it? At 57k miles the warranty must be getting close to running out unless it has extended warranty. Either way, I think you'd be unlucky to have Audi reject a claim based on secondary decat, but you could just put them back on if you needed to...it's a quick job.

    If you're used to tuning cars then I'd be getting the RS3 mapped. A mapped and secondary decatted car goes and sounds like hell!

    As for the gearbox, I think they are very jerky and never seem quite right. I've just had my TT in for some work and got them to check the gearbox as it doesn't seem right. They just said there's a TPI on the way but wouldn't say more other than it's normal for now.
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  4. Keane

    Keane Active Member

    Thanks for the reply,
    It’s a late 2016 so isn’t quite 2 years old yet. I understand it’s got warranty upto 60k or 3 years so I’m hoping to be a few things sorted and maybe extend the warranty.

    I haven’t yet got the decat pipes and didn’t want to touch the car performance wise until it’s no longer in warranty if I’m honest, I’m happy with it for now and even tho it’s not as fast as my previous car I just don’t care as it’s sounds amazing !

    That’s for your help / opinions on the gearbox too :) makes me feel better.

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  5. D0C

    D0C Well-Known Member Team Nardo Team Panther Audi RS3 TTRS

    Audi should goodwill any warranty claims while it's under three years old and not many thousands of miles over 60k.
  6. Rayner_1704

    Rayner_1704 DAN

    Same as mine all be yours is a little higher miles, yes the gear box is jerky and jumpy sometimes I asked the same questions.
    The Audi decay pipes transformed the sound coupled with the Audi sport back box.
    As for the brakes check the disks and then change out the pads to red stuff pads and again it’s a lot better on stopping.
    Beautiful car!
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  7. terminator x

    terminator x Well-Known Member Team Nardo Audi RS4

    Put the decat pipes on imho as it sounds mental afterwards. What can Audi possibly reject if something goes wrong. Remember that the FL car has decat pipes from the factory.


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